Why You Should Invest In the Latest TV Tech for Your Workplace

TV in Office With Stats

Investing in TV technology isn’t usually something you associate with a place of work, but you’d be surprised at the number of benefits the humble TV can bring to a business. In recent years, TV tech has come on in leaps and bounds, and this means that the list of benefits TVs have for businesses is constantly growing.

In this article, we will take a look at why business owners should look to invest in the very latest TV technology in their workplace, as well as some of the main benefits that tech can bring with it.

Client Meetings

A quality television can bring some great benefits to any business, especially when you’re trying to entice prospective clients or dazzle existing customers. It’s fair to say that a dazzling presentation on a big screen can go some way toward wowing a potential client. It is a sure way to show any individuals visiting your business that you are willing to invest in enhancing their experience. Ensuring your company has the feel of a professional outfit with the very latest tech can vastly increase your chances of maintaining current clients and bringing in new ones.

If you opt for a cheap Samsung 4K TV, you could even dazzle your clients by using the SmartThings app on your Samsung phone, to display your phone screen on your TV. This can be extremely useful if you are trying to show something to a client off your phone very quickly, as the technology is seamless, and allows your phone screen to be cast to the TV in a matter of seconds. Investing in this type of TV technology is a fantastic way to show your clients that your company are keeping right up to date with the very latest tech trends, whilst also being at the forefront of innovation.

It’s also extremely simple to cast your laptop screen onto TV screens these days, without the need for a pesky HDMI lead; we understand just how messy things can get when you’re trying to quickly connect your laptop up to your TV via an HDMI. You can do this by using a Chrome Cast, or similar software, to mirror your laptop screen. It essentially works in the same way that connecting your Samsung TV to your Samsung phone works, but with any brand of laptop.

Office with TV

Internal Meetings

You might be looking to hold large internal meetings for a whole department, or possibly even the whole business; however, if you only have a small screen, this can be troublesome to say the least. This is where a large TV screen comes in extremely handy, as you can hold meetings with a huge number of employees and easily show any information you’re trying to get across on the big screen.

For example, installing a cheap 50-inch TV into your office space is a fantastic way of getting your whole business together for meetings and encourages interdepartmental interactions that you wouldn’t normally have if each team were segmented off into separate meetings. TVs are a social piece of technology which encourages people to gather and interact, just like a TV would in your own home.

TV in Workspace

Watching TV

You may even opt to use a TV for its primary use within the workplace, viewing television shows. We wouldn’t advise giving your employees free reign over the TV all day every day, as this could adversely affect productivity in the long run. But it may be worth having a 24-hour news channel on in the background whilst working, as this can provide a talking point and will get your employees interacting about things other than work-related issues.

Installing TVs directly into the office also brings about a few opportunities to improve employee morale. You could always introduce a 4pm wind down on Fridays and let your employees choose to watch whatever they please. This can be great for morale and is something that employees can collectively look forward to at the end of a hard-working week.

Display Current Company Performance

Our final suggestion is perfect for any business that is full of results-driven employees. Displaying key company metrics on a TV screen throughout the day is a fantastic way of keeping your employees right up to date with the very latest information regarding your company. One of the main benefits this brings is ensuring that all employees feel they are being involved in all aspects of the business. Sharing details such as current monthly revenue and expected annual revenue among other indicators of company performance can motivate employees.

A few of our suggestions for what you could include on your TV screen on a day-to-day basis are:

  • Potential customer pipeline
  • Number of active projects
  • Any outstanding issues the company is working towards rectifying
  • Happy birthday messages
  • Recent successes
  • A timetable of who is booked into meeting rooms
  • Monthly revenue
  • Expected revenue
  • Sales targets

TV in Office With Stats
In today’s market, you can easily pick up cheap TVs which are perfect for an office environment. The number of benefits this particular technology can bring to any workplace far outweighs the small cost associated with it. Here at Electronic World, we stock a wide range of TVs from cheap LED TVs to the most up-to-date cheap OLED TVs, which are all ready to be installed into your workplace today.

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