2024 TV Brand Guide

We constantly stay informed on what the major TV brands are up to, and as 2024 unfolds, it is an exhilarating time for us and for our customers to see what the coming year holds. The 2024 TV lineup is shaping up to be a fascinating mix of technological advancements, each major brand bringing something unique to the table. So, let’s explore together what these well-known brands are bringing to our homes this year!

Predicted Smart TV Advancements in 2024

As technology grows in leaps and bounds year on year, so does the intensity of the competition among top brands. The predictions for 2024 have unveiled an array of enticing possibilities set to improve our home entertainment options significantly. The following are some prominent examples.

  • Samsung has its 32-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV standing out with its vibrant Full HD (1080p) LED display and HDR support. It also comes with built-in access to streaming apps, making it a strong contender.
  • Vizio’s D-Series stays competitive with a similar 32-inch Full HD model that includes a built-in Chromecast, elevating the user’s streaming experience by facilitating seamless content sharing between your mobile device and TV.
  • TCL offers affordability without sacrificing quality. Their 32-inch Class 3-Series Smart TV, powered by Roku, is economical and offers good picture quality, making it a great choice for budget shoppers.
  • Hisense’s A4 Series also provides a well-rounded user experience with its 32-inch TV, with attention-grabbing features like HDR support and a built-in voice remote enhancing user interaction considerably.

Major TV Brands to Watch for in 2024

These predicted advancements represent a significant leap from the current TV viewing experience. The individual strengths of these offerings vary, but so do the requirements of each consumer, which is why it is important to browse each brand thoroughly for the best options among our cheap TVs for sale.

Samsung Smart TVs: Building on Success

Samsung is yet to provide specifics on its 2024 lineup. But, given its history of success and the general rumours that have leaked, we expect higher peak brightness, increased dimming zones on its high-end QLED models, and a stronger emphasis on expanding its QD-OLED lineup. The One Connect box seems nearly discontinued, which piques our curiosity about what Samsung will offer in its place.

Sony Smart TVs: Innovative and Tailored

Although Sony decided to opt out of showcasing their new TV lineup at the upcoming CES 2024, they have still been making waves in the industry. They have announced an impressive BVM-HX3110 pro-grade mastering monitor that can reach an outstanding peak brightness of 4,000 cd/m² and bear a 4k cinematic display. The mastering monitor signifies a leap towards incredibly high contrast that approaches OLED quality, marking Sony’s 2024 offer as highly anticipated.

Hisense 4K TVs: ULED Technology Takes Center Stage

Hisense is setting the stage with its 2024 lineup, including the ULED technology seen on their Hisense UX. They are introducing the 110UX, a 110″ TV offering over 40,000 local dimming zones capable of reaching up to 10,000 cd/m². If it lives up to Hisense’s marketing, it will indeed be a remarkable feat.

Top 2024 TV Brand to Watch: LG OLED TVs

One such fascinating development is the significant strides made by LG OLED TVs and the relevant technology rollouts planned for 2024. LG has always been one of the leading TV makers and has provided fierce competition with the other brands mentioned previously, and 2024 is looking to be the year for LG cheap TVs.

Here are some insights into these predicted advancements that should help you make a well-informed decision when browsing your next cheap TV deals online.  

The Next-Gen Chip: Alpha 10

The heart of any television isn’t just the display. It is the processor powering it, the critical factor separating excellent TVs from merely good ones. In 2024, LG 4K TVs will take a significant leap forward in image processing with its next-generation chip.

Unofficially dubbed Alpha 10, this successor to the Alpha 9 processor is set to extend the capabilities of LG’s TV lineup. Given the Alpha 9 series’ already commendable performance, the implications of a more powerful chip are tantalising. Could this be the key to unlocking sensational new levels of picture quality in LG’s 2024 OLED TVs? The evidence suggests that’s more than likely.

Game-Changing Neural Processing Unit

It is predicted that the forthcoming Alpha 10 processor will feature a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). This addition is expected to enhance the processor’s on-device performance significantly, putting it several steps ahead of existing AI-based chips.

To translate that into relatable terms, this means a substantial amount of computational processing that used to be offloaded to remote data centres will now occur directly on the device. For you, as a consumer, it promises a more efficient and faster performance.

Better Image Analysis and Noise Reduction

The new chip reportedly will carry significant improvements in its analytic abilities. It promises to enhance image processing capabilities, reduce noise, and recognise and prioritise objects in the frame. This capability of adapting real-time enhancements means your TV will optimise every frame for the best viewing experience.

Improved Audio and Innovative Motion-Based Services

Of course, image quality is just one part of the story. Immersive audio experience goes hand in hand with high-quality visuals. The Alpha 10 chip is rumoured to provide smart audio enhancements, improving not only what you see but also what you hear.

One fascinating feature hinted at in this upcoming processor is the provision for new motion-based services. Imagine your TV being reactive to your position, offering potential uses in gaming and gesture control. While this technology might sound like something of the future, it could well be making an appearance in LG’s 2024 OLED TVs.

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With every feature and technology upgrade available, consumers are now spoilt for choice. But with millions of options out there, it can, understandably, become a daunting task to choose the perfect TV that fits one’s preferences and lifestyle. Contact us directly if you need help finding the perfect TV model to improve your home entertainment.

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