How Can a Smart TV Integrate into Your Home?

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Smart technology is no longer the future – it’s firmly ensconced as a pivotal part of the present. The advanced abilities of our phones are now available in our television sets, ensuring that even cheap TVs can act as all-in-one entertainment centres.

You may be wondering if a Smart TV is strictly necessary. After all, technology moves quickly. What was cutting edge yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. If you have been burned by investment in long-dormant tech before, you may be understandably cautious.

Rest assured, these TVs are going nowhere any time soon. In fact, they are rapidly becoming the default. Smart television sets can integrate with your home in a number of appealing – and potentially surprising – ways.

What is a Smart TV?

First thing’s first – let’s establish what actually establishes a television set as ‘smart’. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and indifferent to this terminology, as almost every piece of tech – whether a supermarket own brand or a costly set-up from an AV specialist – now describes itself as with this term.

In essence, a Smart TV is a set that can connect to the internet and provide apps. Where previous generations of televisions could only connect via an aerial, these link up to your wireless internet connection. The immediate advantages of this to viewing are obvious – you can enjoy streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime without a wired connection to a router.

They can offer so much more, though. If you were to purchase a Smart Samsung TV, for example, you’ll have access to the SmartThings service, which is arguably the most inclusive, all-access TV OS.  That doesn’t mean that Sony TVs or LG TVs will sell you short, though. These manufacturers have their own app stores, offering services unique to the brand in question.

There won’t be quite as many options as you’d find on a smartphone handset, but you can browse your social media profiles between binge-watching episodes of your favourite shows. You’ll also be able to connect your TV to your phone in most cases, using it as a remote control.

The advantages of a Smart TV stretch far beyond just enhanced viewing options, however. Pick up the right set and you’ll have access to a wealth of Smart functionality throughout your home.

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Syncing Your TV to a Virtual Assistant

The best way to utilise a Smart TV is to connect it to a digital assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant. This way, you can make your TV voice activated.

Simple voice commands can be used, such as increasing or reducing volume and setting a timer to switch on the TV at a particular time if you enjoy background noise at bedtime. You can also use these appliances to view particular shows. Tell Alexa to start the next episode of Breaking Bad, and you’ll be watching in no time.

Of course, one of the biggest selling points of a virtual assistant is its vast functionality. These devices can be synced up to all Smart applications in your home, including your TV.

Setting the Mood with a Smart TV

As discussed, you can also sync the rest of your Smart home to a television set. Take lights as an example. If you’re enjoying a family night in front of a good movie, you may want to set the mood lighting to something appropriately cinematic. Just download the appropriate app onto your TV to sync these services, and you can dim the lights at the touch of a button. If you have a voice controlled virtual assistant synced up, it’s even easier.

If you make use of high-tech Smart Lighting, such as Phillips Hue, you’ll have even more options. You can program your lights to respond to what your Smart TV is playing, and they are always communicating so you can ensure your lighting matches the colour pallet on your screen. Dark scenes will be accompanied by dim lighting, while bright and vivid colours will be mirrored by your lighting.

The same applies to music. Your TV will provide access to music streaming services, such as Spotify. If you’re partying like it’s 1979 and enjoying some disco tunes, syncing your Smart Lights to the music playing from your television will create an appropriate flashing environment.

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Controlling Home Comforts

So far, the selling points have revolved around enhancing your entertainment experience. These devices off much more though, including enhanced home security.

Take Smart Locks as an example. If you have sent chills down your spine by watching a horror film alone at night, your TV can ensure that your house is locked securely without the need to venture into a dark hallway. Simply sync your locks to your television set.

You could also sync up a video doorbell to your TV. This way, you’ll know who is calling upon you before you have even left the sofa. Of course, you can also sync up security cameras around the perimeter of your property. If this is not necessary, why not use a baby monitor camera? You can check that kids are sleeping safely and soundly at the end of a long day, aiding you in your attempts to relax and enjoy some time to yourself.

Once your home is secure, you could also use your TV’s smart functionality to manage thermostats and heating. If the sun has gone down and the house is a little cooler, there is no need to pause your show to approach the boiler. Just use your TV to turn on the central heating. If the opposite is true and you’re feeling a little stuffy, Smart Air Conditioning can also be synced.

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This may all sound too good to be true, and while you’re no doubt expecting to find a substantial price tag attached to this technology. While it’s true that buying a cheap TV often means paying twice, that’s not the case here. If you’re looking for cheap TV deals, Electronic World TV has you covered.

We can offer a range of Smart sets from such manufacturers as Samsung, LG and Sony at unbeatable prices. All the cheap Smart TVs that we have available have been quality-checked, and we stand by their performance. If you need to know anything more, just get in touch!

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