What Size is Right for You?


With bezels and cabinets that are thinner than ever, you can now afford to go bigger and bigger with your television. A modern 50” television will now generally fit into the same area that a 42” TV would ten years ago. Thanks to evolving technologies, screens are becoming “edgeless” – which means the screen reaches to the very each of the ultra-thin bezel – much like modern day mobile phones.

Often, it isn’t about fitting the biggest possible television into the space available. A better approach is to think about how close you will be sitting to your television. With the latest breed of 4K LED televisions from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and LG – you’ll get super sharp images wherever you sit. However, sitting too close to an oversized screen may cause you eye-strain.

In general, a 49” – 55” television will fit perfectly in an average sized sitting room, while 65” televisions and above are perfect for slightly larger rooms.

Other Things to Consider:

Are you wall mounting your TV? If you are, make sure you leave enough room for cables! Electronic World TV recommend adding 3 HDMI cables for all those peripherals such as sky/cable boxes, games consoles and pc/laptop input.

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