What Size TV is Right for You?

Different Size TV screens

In a recent blog post, we deciphered the reasoning behind why TV screens are measured diagonally, and why this has been a tradition from the early days of TV manufacture. Modern technology means that bezels (the frame around the TV itself) and cabinets are becoming thinner than ever, awarding you more screen space to play with. The question is, should you?

Often, the large dimensions of a TV screen – here talking 50-inches and above – can quickly become dazzling, and many opt for these sized sets before taking into account several factors that could save money in the long term.

So What Should I Be Looking For?

First and foremost, the quality of the screen should be the highest priority. Yes, the gigantic Cheap TV that you have set your heart on might be calling your name. However, if the quality is below par, then you are at risk of being taken advantage of through being grossly overcharged.

If you have made the tough decision to part with your hard-earned cash, then you will want to make sure what you are spending your money on is worth it – stick to 4K quality or equivalent for the best deals.

Our handy guide, 4K – What’s It All About?, explains everything you need to know about the latest tech. At Electronic World, we have an extensive selection of amazing 4K  TV deals to accommodate all price ranges.

Secondly, it is important to consider that when looking for a new TV, it isn’t always about fitting the biggest possible television into the space available. It seems simple enough when said out loud, but an approach that we always recommend to our customers is to assess how close you will be sitting to your television when watching it.

With the latest breed of 4K LED televisions from SamsungPanasonicSony and LG, you’re guaranteed to have super sharp images wherever you sit. However, how far, at what angle and where abouts you sit in relation to your brand-new TV can have a substantial impact.

Don’t be afraid to measure the area! If you know that your TV is going to be on a wall a small distance away from the sofa, then seeking a larger screen might be more beneficial. Alternatively, if you are fighting with space, both a wall-mounted set as well as a small set may be better suited.

The 4K TV rule of thumb is as follows: the user should aim to be seated 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement away from the TV, to maximise your viewing experience. For example, if the screen is a 50-inch, then a distance of at least 150 inches is recommended.

Reviewing what sort of size will suit in the desired area will also prove beneficial. In general, a 49-inch to 55-inch television will fit perfectly in an average sized sitting room, while 65-inch televisions and above are perfect for larger spaces.

4K TV Distance Guide

We have created a helpful guide so that if you already know the distance between your seating arrangements and the screen, you can choose a size that will be neither too big nor too small for daily use.

Size Tv Image

1.4 metres/ 4.5 feet

For a television set that will be very close to the viewer, perhaps a kitchen display set, you should consider purchasing one of our cheap 32 inch TVs to keep you company while you cook, or even to play cooking tutorials on.

1.8 metres/ 6.0 feet

If you have a little extra space, perhaps a television at the end of the bed for those late night movies snuggled under the duvet, you should consider investing in one of these cheap 43 inch TVs for the ultimate viewing angle.

2.0 metres/ 6.7 feet

For the home cinema display of your dreams, consider our cheap 48 inch TVs placed 2m away from your favourite sofa.

This guide is based on the fact that the human eye can view approximately 135 degrees horizontally, of which a 4K TV should fill approximately 30% (40 degrees).

Be aware that televisions used primarily for watching movies in cinema mode should always fill your field of view just a little more than you would for general television shows. For a multipurpose television that is perfect for both cinema and mixed uses, you may want to buy a swivel bracket for quick distance and angle adjustments.

8K TV Distance Guide

By comparison, an 8K TV can fill up to 100 degrees of the 135 available (74% of your field of view). This is because 8K UHD displays are the latest in television innovation, created so that you can enjoy a real cinematic experience in your home.

Since 8K TVs can fill up to 100 degrees of your vision, these sets will be much bigger and should sit far closer to the viewer. You may have to reconsider your seating arrangements if you are looking to invest in the height of entertainment luxury.

Alternatively, if you want a huge TV that will impress without sacrificing image quality, even in the smallest flats, then you should be keeping your eye out for the latest 8K TV deals.

Modern Updates

An important note to remember is that a modern 50-inch television tends to fit into the same area that a 42-inch TV would have previously. This means that updating existing TVs is easier than ever!

An added benefit to this is that thanks to evolving technology, screens are becoming “edgeless”, which means that the screen reaches to the very edge of the ultra-thin bezel, much like modern-day mobile phones. This awards maximum viewing capacity, elevating your TV experience to never before seen heights.

family watching tv

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