The Future of Smart TVs

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It’s hard to imagine a time without smart TV. However, the speed at which this new tool for entertainment has spread is astonishing when you consider they’ve only been around since 2007. With all the features and apps your average smart TV has gained in such a short time, it makes you wonder what’s ahead.

Here at Electronic World, we’re fascinated by the ever-changing world of TV technology and are focused on providing our customers with the latest and greatest that the industry has to offer. This, of course, includes smart TVs, which is why we feel it essential to look into their history and stay ahead by exploring their future.

Read on to learn more, and don’t forget to check out our range of cheap smart TVs to get your hands on the industry’s latest tech.

How Have Smart TVs Improved Over Time?

The first patent for a smart TV was in 1994 by Fast France Advanced Systems. But it wasn’t until 2007 that HP’s Mediasmart TV was released; this is the first recorded smart TV. Interestingly, this is the same year that Netflix began its streaming services.

Smart TVs didn’t gain popularity until 2010 when LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology became affordable for a broader market. This was a massive leap for the quality of the image whilst reducing the size of your standard TV.

The first smart TVs would explore the possibilities of your cable TV package. You could record programs, pause TV, and you could view program guides all with your single remote. The early smart TVs were essentially carrying on the thought process started by Teletext and VHS recorders.

Choosing what to watch on a smart TV

The advancements in internet technology are deeply connected to the upgrades to smart TVs over the years. The infinite options available through being online really pushed smart TVs to new heights. Now smart TV’s have become a combination of TV and computer.

The advanced TVs inspired faster internet speeds and encouraged a new form of entertainment, the streaming service. Since 2007, companies like YouTube and Netflix have grown in popularity with their online entertainment, but they were limited to computers.

The introduction of internet-connected apps to smart TVs was a colossal shift in how we watch TV. This allowed these streaming companies to gain a wider audience as customers enjoyed their content more comfortably.

Since 2015, we now have smart TVs that are beyond HD images. With computer processing, you can get a smart TV that can not only process vast data seamlessly online but present a 4K quality image at the same time. They can even be controlled through your smart home network or phone – connecting your home and transforming it into a hub of technology. Additionally, with so many cost-effective TVs around, now is the best time to get your own Cheap LED Smart TV.

More For Your Money

Most smart TVs come with a selection of apps pre-installed. These can be various tools for streaming content, such as TV and movie streaming as well as music streaming platforms, games, and other applications similar to those on a smartphone.

If you already own a smart TV, you need to explore your streaming options. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are all focused on providing you with great content to enjoy and all online through your TV’s apps. Suddenly even a cheap 4K TV can provide you with an infinite selection at the highest picture quality.

Couple being shown how to use their curved wall-mounted TV

When looking to upgrade to a new smart TV, the options available will grow each year. This is because TV companies find cheaper ways of creating larger TVs with better quality images and the latest features every year.

Commercial breaks are becoming redundant with the rising popularity of pay-to-watch streaming services. The classic business model of creating advertiser revenue is replaced with subscriber fees when streaming. The benefits for you viewer are twofold. Firstly now you can choose what you want to watch when you want to watch it with on-demand streaming. Secondly, your entertainment is no longer broken into segments by advert breaks. Together, these two make sure you get the most out of your TV.

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Superior Interconnectivity with Smart Tech

As smart TVs are improved, they gain more features you would expect to find in your computer. For example, a recent innovation is using your TV to video call people (or Facetime). The release of the Meta Portal device has brought this concept from your computer or tablet to your TV.

Smart TVs are being more integrated with home internet networks as well. This allows you to use your tablet in conjunction with your TV. This tablet screen sharing is excellent for presenting those holiday photos or sharing that video you’ve recorded in a far more comfortable way than crowding around a tiny tablet screen.

All TVs for sale will likely be smart TVs within the next decade. The ability to watch on-demand content, stream music, view photos, and video call loved ones is too enticing to miss. Companies like Google, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon invest in smart TV development to discover the next great innovation.

The Future Of TV

The shift in the industry to smart TVs has made it clear that they are the superior TV to buy. With new features invented for each new generation of Smart TV, the possibilities are endless.

With smart integrations, streaming apps, and bigger internal hard drives, even cheap TV’s can become the essential tool for all your entertainment needs.

We can offer you the best cheap smart TVs at Electronic World from our fantastic collection. If you’d like to discuss the best Smart TV for you, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today for advice and guidance on which one is right for you and your home.

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