Should You Get a Samsung 8K TV (and Why)?

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TV tech is always advancing, and it can be hard to keep up. You’ve probably already heard of 8K TVs, even if you just upgraded to a 4K screen; 8K is seen as the next step in the evolution of TVs, so you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to consider purchasing one.

It’s important to know if 8K is really all the rage before you invest in this next-gen technology; while 8K TVs are set to outperform previous tech, they also come with some downsides you need to take into account of before buying one.

What is 8K TV?

Let’s look at the basics first. 8K TVs have a screen resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels, four times the number of pixels on a 4K TV (3,840 x 2,160). This in an incredibly high resolution and results in sharp images with a lot of detail. It would be difficult to single out a pixel if you got close to the TV, since they’re all packed together to create a high-res picture.

Should You Get a Samsung 8K TV?

Samsung is not the only brand investing in 8K, but they have been developing this technology for a long time. The Samsung Q950TS is the face of 8K QLED TV for the brand and comes with features that improve brightness and energy efficiency. It also benefits from an AI-enhanced image processing system that ensures you always get the best picture.

The audio systems are also great, which will make for a more immersive experience. Setting up and connecting all devices is also easier with an upgraded digital platform, and there is support for all the streaming services you could possibly want, including the newer Disney+. Due to the TV’s image and low input lag, you can game like never before as well.

However, it’s also worth noting that Samsung 8K TVs are expensive and there isn’t enough 8K content to justify the purchase either. In fact, at the moment, all 8K TVs offer more or less the same cons, which we discuss below.

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Cons of Getting an 8K TV

The benefits of getting an 8K TV are clear. The resolution is fantastic, allowing for a better viewing experience of your favourite movies and shows, and for a better gaming or sporting experience.

However, there are also some downsides to getting an 8K TV. For instance, these TVs are incredibly expensive when compared to 4K models and, as we mentioned, there isn’t enough 8K content at the moment, so you wouldn’t be able to make the most of your TV.

While the quality of the image is fantastic, the same can be said of 4K resolution. Our Samsung 4K TVs –and cheap 4K TVs in general – also provide a great picture, so you may not even notice the quality improvement that 8K offers. To be able to see this improvement, you’d have to sit very close to the screen which, in turn, would have to be large.

There is no point in having such high resolution on a small screen, so anything below 75, 80 or 85 inches may not cut it. You need a big screen in order to fully appreciate the 8K resolution, something you may not be able to get if you have a small living space.

You can also smart upscale a lower resolution into a higher one, which means purchasing an 8K TV is likely not necessary to enjoy a seamless picture.

4K TVs at Electronic World

Because a 4K TV can provide a great image, its starting cost is a lot cheaper, and there is plenty of 4K content around, so why not look for 4K alternatives instead of buying an 8K TV? At the moment, 8K is not worth it, although this can change in the future as prices drop and 8K content becomes more readily available.

At Electronic World, we stock a wide array of cheap OLED TVs, cheap curved TVs, and so much more, which will provide you with a fantastic viewing experience as well. Our world-class brands range from Samsung and LG to Sony and Panasonic, as we believe in only offering the best to our customers.

From the best 4K TV for sports to cheap 3D TVs, we’ve got it all. You can connect with people through the many social apps on our cheap smart TVs and stream the best content from YouTube, Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, just to mention a few.

You also don’t require a massive screen that will take up all the space in your living room. We have 4K TVs that are only 40 inches and others that are over 55 inches, so we cater to a wide range of personal preferences while still ensuring the best quality.

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With our cheap TV deals, we can help you to find your new entertainment system. It will take some time until 8K TVs become the new standard, but you can enjoy your 4K TV and content right now. Just browse our website to find cheap 4K TVs that will allow you to watch the movies you want without missing any detail, to immerse yourself in the latest games, and to experience the best of sports.

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