Brand Review: Samsung

Samsung TVs at the CES Exhibit

Inspire the world, create the future.

Samsung’s vision is clear in its commitment to creating a world rich in digital experiences by offering high-quality and innovative technology to all. They also believe in doing so in the most sustainable way possible, fulfilling their social responsibility to minimise their carbon footprint.

Is it any wonder then that we choose to stock Samsung TVs at Electronic World? Just like the technology giant, we believe in offering only the best to our customers, and we know that our Samsung televisions meet that brief.

So, why watch your favourite shows or play the latest games on a Samsung TV? What makes them so great?



What Is Samsung?

First of all, it’s important to understand the brand and how it became what we know and love today. Samsung is now a multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Seoul. It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul as a trading company with the equivalent of $27 (or around £21); over time the Samsung group grew and diversified into sectors such as textiles, insurance, retail and, of course, electronics.

Samsung has a strong influence on the economic development, politics, media and culture of South Korea, accounting for a fifth of all the country’s exports. Last year, the group was estimated to employ a staggering half a million people spread throughout many countries – around 70,000 of those being engineers – to create the brand’s next generation of products.

In the first quarter of this year alone, the company’s estimated operating profit was over £11 billion. Extremely impressive for a brand that started with just £21!

Samsung and Innovation

One of Samsung’s core values is innovation. The brand is said to spend around £11 billion annually on research and development, which certainly gives them the opportunity to experiment with interesting concepts and come up with innovative technology. From teaming up with Oculus Rift for the creation of the Gear VR to producing an amazing flexible display, Samsung has been at the forefront of many innovative breakthroughs throughout recent years.

Samsung presented three innovative projects developed at their C-Lab program during CES 2018. These exciting and creative projects truly reflect the company’s determination to push boundaries and become the best at what they do:

  • S-Ray (Sound Ray) – a portable directional speaker that can be carried anywhere. This will be a smaller and lighter speaker that can alleviate the need to wear earphones for a long time.
  • GoBreath – directed at people who suffer from lung damage or experience postoperative pulmonary complications after undergoing general anaesthesia, Samsung has created a portable device and app that can teach people basic breathing techniques and allow doctors to monitor patients via a cloud service.
  • Relúmĭno Glasses – these are smart visual aid eyeglasses designed to help people with severe visual impairment see more clearly when reading a book or looking at an object. The glasses work with a mobile app and process images that come through the glasses’ camera, which are then relayed to the display of the Relúmĭno to help the user see better.

When it comes to Samsung’s innovations in the television industry, you won’t be disappointed either. Their latest TVs are high-design, state-of-the-art chameleons that blend so seamlessly into your wall, they’re practically invisible.

Well, perhaps not really invisible, but a very close approximation. Every new model in Samsung’s 2018 QLED line comes equipped with an ‘Ambient Mode’ which allows the TV to blend into the background when it’s not in use – with the help of a smartphone. After mounting the television, simply snap a picture of your wall with your mobile, and the Samsung SmartThings app will match it to the TV screen.

Voilà, your TV is now invisible. An optical illusion that doesn’t become less impressive just because you know the trick!

Our Samsung Range

Samsung knows how to make televisions, no doubt about it. The proof of their expertise and fantastic use of technology lies right here, in Electronic World’s vast selection of cheap Samsung TVs. The televisions we stock range from smart TVs and LED screens to 4K quality, curved screens and 3D capability – everything you want in your telly you can find with a Samsung TV.

Do you want your kids to enjoy their favourite movie with fantastic 3D quality? Or perhaps you are seeking a great smart TV to browse the web or connect with your friends while watching the latest films? At Electronic World, we will have a Samsung TV for you.

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