The Many Benefits of Curved LED TVs

Technology is changing so quickly we wouldn’t be surprised if you find it difficult to keep up. One huge trend that is still hanging on is curved TV’s. This technology and the benefits of curved LED TVs that’s touted isn’t brand new and has been around for a while, but when Sony, Samsung and LG revealed their new range of curved screens, everyone went wild with excitement!

After being stuck with a relatively level TV experience for so long, we consider if having a curved TV actually makes a difference to the viewing experience? We have the down-low of the benefits of curved LED TVs for those looking to upgrade from a flat TV.

Full Immersion

One of the biggest benefits of cured LED TVs is the feeling of immersion they create. The way the image is presented slightly closer creates a feeling of wrapping around. The image you are seeing veers more into your peripheral vision, which is said to draw you deeper into the world you are visualising. Of course, you won’t get anything as high quality as 4K, but when combining this technology with a curved screen, the extra fraction of a degree and extra inch of screen adds to the overall viewing experience.

Enhanced Depth of Field

When many people first experience the benefits of a curved LED TV, they think they’re viewing something in 3D, even when it is simply two dimensional. This is due to the curving edges enhancing the visual perception of depth. Brands such as Samsung apply a depth enhancement processing to the screens, which adjusts the contrasts and boosts the depth of field. Particularly on larger screens such as 65 inches or more, and with the addition of technologies such as OLED, it can certainly create a 3D like viewing experience.


Curved screens focus light directly into your eyes; in an equivalent way to how a satellite dish strengthens signals by focussing them onto an LNB (low-noise block downconverter) which can then deliver higher contrasts of 1.5-1.8 more than flat screens. Flat screens use the same exact level of picture spec, but most curved screens have shown to excel in the contrast department giving a more vivid and clearer picture due to extra contrast tech.

Viewing Angles

Another benefit of curved LED TVs is that they scientifically track the rounded shape of our eyes much better than a regular screen, which in turn delivers a more focused and comfortable image that feels natural to us. Born out of the extent of commercial cinema use, the curved screen was said to retain image sharpness from each corner and on every screen size.

Aesthetic Appeal

Some tech-whizz’s may not see this as a benefit of curved LED TVs, but all picture fans should hold onto the fact they look slick. Design does rank high on many TV buyer’s checklist’s, but most people who are already proud owners of a curved TV that they are slick, elegant and most of all striking.

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