Who Are Electronic World? (And How Can We Help You Find the Perfect TV?)

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Who We Are

We have been trading in televisions since 1985 and are proud to be one of the UK’s lead suppliers of graded televisions.

We pride ourselves on our expert customer service team which can be contacted on the number 0121 769 2623 or approached directly on our shop floor in Birmingham.

This guide is designed to help you understand our TVs better so that you make your next purchase with confidence.

Our Top Brands

We supply televisions from a variety of brands. Our most popular choices include Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony. We also supply televisions from Hisense, Philips, JVC, and Toshiba, in case you are looking for something specific.


Samsung are an innovative force in the television industry. This company promotes change and creativity, driving TV to be better than it ever was before.

Samsung creates and supplies televisions for all applications – home, business, and cinema. Our range of cheap Samsung TVs are for use in the home, but often include a variety of LED, curved, and smart TVs.

An aspect of television that is currently exclusive to Samsung is their use of stunning QLED technology to provide better quality colours on screens in their televisions.


This company can easily be compared with Samsung for its dedication to innovation. LG are interested in developing smarter AI systems for their technology, which we expect will be feeding into their smart TV designs.

Like Samsung, LG creates a huge range of televisions. We supply smart LG TVs for homes in many shapes and sizes.

LG’s unique selling point for their televisions are their OLED screens. This technology is designed to provide better contrasts between light and dark areas on the screen, as well as a wider range of colours. You can find many cheap OLED TVs at Electronic World.

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Panasonic focuses on providing a fantastic all-round experience from their television sets. A Panasonic television will give you a well-defined image as well as a strong sound system. They are a good choice if you are looking for a robust television, you might want to consider Panasonic.

Panasonic are best known for their hand in developing 3D television sets, and they remain the most popular brand for 3D. Given their previous interest in experimenting with cutting-edge technology and trends, we expect to see some interesting developments from Panasonic in the future.

We stock many Panasonic 3D TVs, so you are sure to find what you’re looking for at our store.


Sony are best known for producing televisions that are a little out of the ordinary. They are unafraid of trying new things, which means that you might choose a Sony television for a feature that you can’t find on any other brand.

These televisions are well loved by those who purchase from this brand and you can expect to find the most cutting-edge screen technology from them for public use in the future. Sony are currently competing with Samsung and LG to discover which brand can produce the best format of 16K screen display first.

Sony is the company that you should be watching if you are looking for a television that offers something a little bit extra. For quality Sony 4K TVs, we’re got your covered at Electronic World.

Television Quality Guide

Televisions come in all shapes and sizes, and the industry categorises these with different terms that may not be immediately obvious or easily understood by the average buyer.

Learning what these terms really mean is very easy with this guide. It could make the difference between how much you feel that you need to spend on your next TV.

If you’re looking at a television description and want to understand what the image quality is going to be like, look for how many lines of pixels it has. This is called ‘progressive scan’ and is denoted by a ‘p’.

A 480p television is probably a bit outdated and will look a bit blurry unless the screen is quite small. A 1080p is a good standard for modern televisions. Anything above 1080p is a brilliant television that will provide you with stunning image quality in your home.

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What is HDTV?

HDTV was introduced in the 90s and is a very basic television picture quality. It originally produced 480 lines of pixels to create the image and is deemed a little outdated compared to the models that you can buy quite cheaply from our store.

However, the term ‘HD’, refers to ‘high-definition’ and has been used to refer to televisions that can produce 720 lines, or even 1080 lines. Televisions with more lines of pixels means better image quality on your television.

What is 4K?

4K TVs are very exciting. They offer some of the latest screen technology available to consumers and, although they currently come with a bit of a price tag, we supply a variety of comparably cheap 4K TVs in our store.

A 4K television is defined by having nearly four thousand lines of pixels, specifically 3840p. It is extremely suitable if you want a large display that isn’t going to make the image feel stretched or blurry, but it is also recommended for gamers.

What is 8K?

8K televisions are the height of television luxury. Only recently made available to the public, these sets are being produced by all of our top main brands. Like 4K, an 8K television has nearly eight thousand lines of pixels, meaning that it has even greater potential to show content that is more beautiful than anything that has ever come before.

Cheap 8K TVs are hard to find, but they are available. If you are interested in sourcing an 8K television, we recommend that you contact us for more information about our services and how we can help you.

What is 16K?

16K is not currently available to the common public for purchase but is being pioneered by Sony and will hopefully be on our shelves soon. Following the same rule as 4K and 8K, a 16K TV earnt its moniker from its nearly sixteen thousand lines of pixels.

Cheap 16K TVs are not currently on the market, but Electronic World will be sure to stock some as soon as possible from their release.

What is a Smart TV?

Much like the evolution of the mobile phone, the modern television now uses internet to provide a better experience to its users. Our cheap smart TVs allow you access to content that is exclusive to the internet, such as Netflix and YouTube.

A smart TV needs a good internet connection to work and it is very easy to use once set up. We have a variety of smart TVs from different brands available online and in our store.

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TV Tech and Accessories

Your television set begins with your screen. You can add various features to augment your experience, such as a sound bar, ambilighting, and wall brackets. We have a selection of accessories available for when you are looking to expand your television set.

Why Graded TVs are Great

A graded television allows you to cut costs, meaning that you can save your hard-earned cash for your favourite channel subscriptions.

Our graded televisions are sourced from surplus stock, discontinued models, 30-day customer returns, and items with damaged packaging. Every television is submitted to a quality-check before we list it for sale.

For your peace of mind, all our televisions carry a 12-month warranty unless otherwise stated. We are confident in our cheap TV deals and want you to enjoy your experience with us.

How to Find Us

If you have any further questions regarding our TVs, we recommend you try our customer service line, 0121 769 2623, or email us at info@electronicworldtv.co.uk.

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