What Does 2018 Have in Store for Televisions?

It is clear to see how television has changed over the years: From childhood memories of the gargantuan set in the corner, which was treble the size of the average child, and required its own purpose-built super strength stand, to the more modern flat screen tv’s, we have seen it all.

In more recent times, TV has evolved rapidly with the improvements in technology. Take a look at the 6 Ways Technology Has Changed Television over the past 20 years.

But what does the future hold for television in 2018? Read on for our predictions.

Smarter, Smart TV’s

One of the most popular gifts of Christmas 2017 was multiroom speaker systems, such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home. In 2018, televisions are expected to integrate these systems, so that your television can do so much more than just show your favourite show.

Picture the scene; you can turn off the lights, check the weather or traffic, and even alter the volume on your television, without moving a muscle. The possibilities are endless, and this is expected to be big in 2018.

The Rise of 4K HDR

With the picture being one of, if not the most important factors that we consider when purchasing a new television, it is only expected to get sharper in 2018.

At the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, technology enthusiasts were showcased a new upgrade on the already modern Ultra HD (4K) range.

Coined 4K HDR, although no one can decipher what the HDR actually stands for, boasts ‘Whiter whites and Blacker blacks’, giving an overall much sharper, much better viewing experience.

This is expected to roll out to homes in 2018.

Super Sound

Sound technology is also advancing. Sony has created an integrated solution behind its ultra-thin OLED surface, called Acoustic Surface. This technology is on par with some of the best soundbars of the moment and will, no doubt, become more frequent and popular. Its integration with Android TV reveals new and exciting possibilities, as finding content is now easier to do through voice search – and users have access to more Google Play apps.

Size Matters

Televisions are also expected to get larger in 2018; after all, the highest quality pictures are only available on larger screens (for example, over 75 inches), so you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic immersion that will elevate your viewing experience. This will be true whether you’re watching your favourite movies or playing the latest game.

Some of these TVs may require proper installation, as gone are the days of picking one up at your nearest electronic shop and shoving it in the boot of your car, but they appear to be more than worth it!

At Electronic World, we love everything TV-related, so we’re excited to see what the new year will bring in terms of technology. Feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to learn more about the televisions we offer and how you can enjoy the best possible experience!

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