How Important Has the TV Become in 2020?

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With the entire nation and much of the world in lockdown, the TV has been a constant companion to the loneliness of thousands. In this way, the TV has become incredibly important for 2020. Let’s take a look at how the TV has been providing help and care in recent times:


The Stats

The Guardian has recorded that Brits are watching an extra five hours of television every week during the lockdown. There have also been reports of family-friendly viewing on the rise which supports theories that co-watching is more common than before, and comedy series in particular are booming as individuals seek some release from the stress and tension of isolation.

Sky has reported that people are more interested in watching boxsets, which likely means that binge-watching is a bigger part of many people’s lives right now. They reported an increase of 26% for users downloading entire boxsets between March 17th and April 5th.

The Telegraph is even using the television and the nation’s viewing habits as a method for reaching out to people and creating a sense of community. In an article titled, ‘What Are You Watching During the Lockdown?’, The Telegraph summarises many of the popular shows that people are watching at the moment and encourages chat in the comments section in an effort to bring people together.

TV culture is more than just the television itself; it’s also about how we use it to interact and make conversation even when we’re not binge-watching the latest Netflix Original. Let’s find out some more about how televisions are helping us during the lockdown.

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The BBC has been going out of its way to help the youth of our nation by airing curriculum-based shows and documentaries. Although our schools and teachers are irreplaceable, our TVs are hoping to provide children with some sense of stability and achievement when their education has come to a stop.

For those using one of our cheap smart TVs, there are also plenty of language learning apps available for download for those who are looking to use their time in lockdown to acquire some new skills.


Uplifting Entertainment

It’s important to stay positive during these tough times, and television can help with that. Staving off the boredom can be quite difficult for some people, but its important to stay proactive if you want to look after your mental health.

This doesn’t necessarily mean pushing yourself to take up a new hobby if you’re feeling low on energy, but it does mean trying to engage with things that make you happy to keep you going. Your television can help you with this, with lots of binge-worthy series available to catch-up on.

Your television habits can also help you to connect with other people and members of your family by talking about episodes together, what you liked and disliked, and what you hope to see in the future. In this way, watching television can create a sense of stability in your life – which many people feel that they are lacking in our current lockdown scenario.

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Important News

Just as the radio was once a vital aspect of news distribution to the British public, the television is now extremely important for informing everyone about the current situation. In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, daily updates were extremely important as government rules and regulations changed daily, and one of the methods used to communicate this changing atmosphere was televised news.

Unlike the radio and newspapers, the television can provide viewers with useful videos – such as how to wash your hands properly. It’s a vital piece of communication technology that helps everyone to understand one another better.


Community Feeling

Televisions are also incredibly important for keeping up feelings of community. In student accommodation across the country, cheap TVs are being used to keep morale up by staying indoors and playing fun games together.

In situations where people can’t meet their friends for their usual television watching parties, they can use the Netflix Party feature to watch the same film at the same times on different screens across the world. Combine this with a Skype call or an instant messaging service and it’s almost like nothing has changed!

Most smart televisions have a few USB ports in the back that you can use to add all sorts of interesting features to your screen, including ambilighting and USBs with your own content, but you may also be able to use these ports to use a webcam and video call friends and family using a communications app, like Skype.

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Whilst it is true that friends and family are more important than mere possessions, technologies like the television are incredibly important conduits enabling us to keep up our relationships with our close ones.

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