This Might be THE TV of 2019….. This is the LG 65” Rollable 4K Signature OLED TV R.


As we see more and more manufactures targeting bigger screen sizes for their TVs, LG has taken a new route. Here’s the thing, there are people who don’t like a big rectangle being the center of their living space. We’ve seen with our phones, a desire to spend less time in front of screens. Companies are now focusing on making TVs that blend into our rooms more – we’ve seen this with Samsung’s “frame” TVs which can display art when not in use to mimic a picture frame on the wall.

In a way, the new rollable OLED TV from LG is the pinnacle of that philosophy. A beautiful TV that tucks away once you don’t need it anymore.

Since this is an OLED TV, you get all of LG’s great picture technology. Perfect blacks, bright HDR lights and a wide range of vivid colours. It also runs Web-OS and has all the popular apps that we need and are used to from other LG TV models.

If you’re like us then you’ll be wondering what compromises have to be made when moving to a rollable screen versus a standard rigid OLED TV – LG claims there are no major differences, you get their best picture quality in a screen that rolls up.

LG first teased this kind of bendable display in 2016. Two years later in 2018, a prototype of the OLED TV R was shown and now for the production model, LG’s consumer department has made some changes to the design of the TV. They’ve added a Dolby Atmos sound bar with virtual 5.1 surround sound and polished the enclosure so it looks a bit nicer. You never actually see the roll as the 65” TV folds down into its enclosure. There is bracing on the back of the TV which folds out as it rises, and then closes away again as it rolls into the base.

The whole point of this great LG TV is that you don’t need to have a fixed screen in your room. There is even a great mode where the screen rises a small part of the way to display the LG home apps – allowing you to play music or control your smart home gadgets without having the whole screen rise up.

Even when the screen is down, you can still play music through the integrated speaker and for the first time, LG has added support for Apple’s Air Play 2. The OLED-R is designed to be flexible wherever you put it.

Now, this model might not be for everyone, you can buy a great 4K tv at a fraction of what this LG OLED R model will cost when it is released – click here to see our great range of cheap 4K TVs.

You might also be interested in some “normal” OLEDs – click here to browse the cheap OLED TVs.

As we see this trend where TVs are trying to become more and less at the same time, who knows what we will see next? Being realistic, this model will be a very premium model when it arrives later in the year, and it will be a while before this type of technology is affordable for us all, in the meantime why not browse our collection of outstanding cheap LED TVs?

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