The Best and Worst Movies of 2018


As each year goes by, we are treated to some truly fantastic and groundbreaking movies, and 2018 certainly provided a fair few movies which will be considered some of the ‘greats’ in years to come. But for all those brilliant movies that came out of 2018, there were several flops that everyone tried to forget about in a hurry.

Here’s a look at some of the best and worst movies that 2018 brought to our screens along with some of our thoughts on each of the films.

Best Movies of 2018

Black Panther

Marvel’s Black Panther is an important movie for a whole host of reasons. Not only does this film live up to Marvel’s usual action-packed standards, but it also tackles some current issues the world is facing in a really effective way. Following its release in February of last year, the movie became a critical and financial success, noted for its cultural significance and breaking numerous box office records around the world.

The film gained worldwide acclaim and took a worldwide box office total of $1.346 billion, the highest amount ever taken by a solo superhero film. In the UK, Black Panther gained the highest single-day gross of 2018 with $3.7 million taken on the opening day of showing.

Mission Impossible Fallout

With a gap of 22 years between the original Mission Impossible being released, you could be forgiven for thinking the film’s star, Tom Cruise, might struggle to pull off his incredible antics yet again, but you would be very wrong. Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt remains much the same as the character that took over our screens all those years ago, dashingly handsome and a dab hand at producing some seriously slick stunts.

In a first for the Mission Impossible franchise, this film is a direct sequel to the previous film ‘Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation’ and focuses on Hunt’s struggles against a group called the Apostles who are out to create chaos. When the group obtains weapons-grade plutonium to create three dirty bombs, Hunt is tasked with getting the plutonium back before the bombs are used.

If you’re looking for an action-packed couple of hours and plenty of fun, this film is a must watch.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, we felt we couldn’t leave this Netflix original off our list of best movies from 2018 due to its game-changing way of watching films. The movie is a standalone extended episode of the extremely popular Black Mirror, and allows viewers to make decisions for the main character, Stefan. Several choices must be made by the viewer, which take them away from the original plotline and affect the outcome of the story, some of those choices actually mean the difference between life and death for Stefan.

The movie has certainly got people talking and we are pretty certain this will be the first in a line of choice-based movies and TV shows. The immersive experience that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch provides to each and every viewer has been groundbreaking, and we certainly enjoyed viewing this around the festive period.

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Worst Movies of 2018

Insidious: The Last Key

Horror films can go one of two ways, they can either be scarily fantastic or a real horror show, there really is no in-between; unfortunately, Insidious: The Last Key most definitely fell into the latter category.

The announcement of a fourth instalment of the series in 2016 had fans of Insidious salivating at the prospect of a truly horrifying addition to the popular films. The first sign of issues with this particular movie came when Sony announced that the scheduled release date of October 2017 had been pushed back to January 2018, a less than ideal release date for a horror film.

When the movie eventually did release, the reason for its delay was clear for all to see, the whole story was just a bit of a non-event and in all honesty pretty confusing. Despite film critics’ damning reviews, Insidious: The Last Key still proved to be the highest grossing film in the series, earning $166 million. It appears that fans of the series were simply pleased to have another instalment of the series to cast their eyes over. Here’s hoping that the inevitable next film has a more credible and less obvious storyline for fans to enjoy.

The 15:17 to Paris

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of films Clint Eastwood has directed have been memorable for all the right reasons, The 15.17 to Paris, however, will be remembered as one of the worst films of 2018.

On the surface, the story behind this movie has all the makings of a fantastic film, but Eastwood’s interpretation of the events was less than inspiring. The biographical thriller is based on the autobiography ‘The 15:17 to Paris: The True Story of a Terrorist, a Train and Three American Soldiers’ and focuses on three soldiers stopping the 2015 Thalys train attack.

The decision was made to allow the trio of soldiers to play themselves in the film, and this appears to be the real downfall of this particular movie. Their lack of acting experience is there for all to see throughout the film, and despite a truly thrilling sequence when the terrorist is about to strike, everything that surrounds this scene is a whole lot of uninspiring filler.

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