How to Use Smart TVs as Educational Tools for Your Kids

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Covid-19 has caused lockdowns internationally, meaning that families around the world are struggling to ensure that their children are entertained and educated. Smart TVs may be a solution, if used sensibly.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how a cheap smart TV can provide your child with the educational stimulation that they might be lacking in this trying time, as well as a chance for your child to engage in fitness and entertainment.

How Can My Smart TV Help My Child?

A smart TV is a television that uses apps. These work by using the internet to bring new content to your television. An example of an app would be BBC iPlayer which allows you to catch up on any episodes that you have might missed.

Almost all smart TVs have a set of apps pre-installed which saves you the time of finding your favourites on the app store and downloading them. Apps that are usually pre-installed include Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and YouTube.


Using the BBC

BBC iPlayer has a lot of great content that can help your child to learn whilst still having fun. BBC even has an app specifically made for children, called iPlayer Kids. Here, your child can enjoy and learn from their favourite Cbeebies and CBBC shows, without you worrying that they might click on something that they shouldn’t.

Some great programs that can help your younger children to learn something new whilst they’re out of school include:

  • Something Special
  • Come Outside
  • Numberjacks
  • The Shiny Show
  • Alphablocks
  • I Can Cook

For older children in their later years of high school, you might want to give them access to the full BBC iPlayer where they can watch quiz shows and documentaries on history and geography.


Other Apps

The BBC is well respected, but there are other apps available on many smart TVs that encourage more active engagement from students. Active learning is important, because it helps individuals to keep their attention focused on their studies, rather than tuning out.

You have probably heard of Duolingo, but did you know you could download the app onto your smart TV? Duolingo is highly reputable app that teaches a variety of languages – perfect for keeping up French, Spanish or German from home.

YouTube can also be a tool to help your children to learn something new. There are plenty of educational videos available for those who are willing to learn, and it’s much better for your child’s eyes than sitting up close to a PC screen.

Searching on YouTube puts your children’s learning into their own hands which can be good for them. It allows them to pursue information on the subject that they are currently feeling motivated to learn more about. On the other hand, they might find themselves easily distracted, so you might want to engage in some co-watching to help them stay on track.


The Benefits of Using a Smart TV for Education

Leaving your child alone with a laptop could easily lead to distractions. A smart TV, on the other hand, is a big screen that will easily be viewable by family members, and therefore it will be easy for you to check in on them.

Similarly, it is bad for your child’s eyes to sit too close to screens, such as laptop or computer screens. You can make their learning healthier by encouraging them to use the smart TV for some of their learning.


Smart TV Fitness

Education is important, but physical fitness is just as important – especially when you’re trapped inside. There are lots of great fitness tutorials available for free on YouTube that you and your child can have fun replicating, but there are also plenty of dedicated fitness apps available to download from your smart TV’s app store.

If your child is living a fairly sedentary lifestyle and you’re struggling to get them motivated to keep fit, then it might help to do the exercises together. Alternatively, they might have a lot of fun if you suggest organising a Skype party between them and their friends where they follow the same exercise tutorial together. This can also help them with feelings of isolation, and could be a good, healthy reward to help them to wind down after a good day of study.


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