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4K HDR TV available from Electronic World

The Rise of Streaming

Posted on by Trevor the TV

The way people watch TV is changing. Live television broadcasts, recordings and DVDs are being pushed aside in favour of streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Now TV. And it’s not difficult to see why. From just £5.99 …

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uhdtv from ew site

Samsung Rolls Out 2019 QLED TVs

Posted on by Trevor the TV

In 2019, bigger is better, and leaders in television manufacturing, Samsung, have been quick to capitalise on this. What this means is that there is soon going to be far more choice in large screen TVs – so you can …

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What Size TV is Right for You?

Posted on by Trevor the TV

In a recent blog post, we deciphered the reasoning behind why TV screens are measured diagonally, and why this has been a tradition from the early days of TV manufacture. Modern technology means that bezels (the frame around the TV itself) …

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TV in Office With Stats

Why You Should Invest In the Latest TV Tech for Your Workplace

Posted on by Trevor the TV

Investing in TV technology isn’t usually something you associate with a place of work, but you’d be surprised at the number of benefits the humble TV can bring to a business. In recent years, TV tech has come on in …

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Man pointing at at Smart TV

What to Expect from Technology in 2019

Posted on by Trevor the TV

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds throughout the last decade, and the progress made within the tech world doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon. This is especially true of television technology, which has undergone a …

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4K Panasonic TV

Brand Review: Panasonic

Posted on by Trevor the TV

Panasonic have been a staple of the TV market for many years and there’s good reason for this; the brand has a reputation for offering some of the best TVs on the market at mid-range prices. Last year, Panasonic celebrated …

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