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Screen size – Measured diagonally across the screen in inches (not across) – the most popular sizes are 49” and 55” TVs.

HDMI – The industry standard connection port which allows you to connect everything from Sky boxes, consoles and other peripherals. Most Smart TVs nowadays come with a minimum of 3 HDMI inputs – usually split between the back and sides of the TV.

Smart – Access the latest content directly from your television! Smart TVs allow you to connect to the internet via the integrated wireless dongles, bringing you smart aps, catch up tv, Youtube, Netflix and more.

Android Smart – Taking smart tvs to the next level, Android Smart opens up a world of new apps with smoother, fast interfaces and even more choice than before! Look out for Android Smart in the features list to see if your next TV has this feature built-in.

Freeview HD – Bringing you a range of free High Definition channels through your existing aerial, Freeview HD has now been rolled out across the country. Virtually all televisions sold by Electronic World TV are Freeview HD TVs which means you can relax and enjoy a wealth of content, absolutely free!

Freesat HD – Freesat is similar to Freeview HD but Freesat is broadcast via satellite. This gives brilliant reception across the whole of the UK, and capacity for many more channels than Freeview. Currently there are over 200 TV and Radio channels, including many of the Freeview favourites and 13 HD channels. There are also catch up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5.

Refresh Rate – this refers to the number of times the picture refreshes per second. Higher refresh rates make the picture smoother and less blurry, perfect for fast paced sports and action films. Rates range from 60 Hz upwards.

4K – see our detailed explanation of 4K here

HDR – Also known as “High Dynamic Range” – this feature is a step above normal 4K TVs. While 4K is about adding more pixels, HDR is about creating better, more dynamic-looking pixels. So when you combine a 4K TV with HDR – you are presented with incredible pictures that not only have a lot of detail, but they shine with vibrant colours and deep blacks too.

Curved TVs – As the name suggests, curved televisions are not totally flat. Rather they have a gentle curve which not only looks super-stylish, it increases the viewing angle so anyone sat to the side of the TV can see more of it. Electronic World TV a great range of Samsung curved tvs, LG curved tvs, Panasonic curved tvs and Sony curved tvs.

OLED – OLED TVs are very different from traditional LCD and LED TVs. The main difference is that each pixel is illuminated individually, rather than the backlight illumination of LCD and

LED TVs. OLED TVs provide stunning blacks because they can de-activate OLEDs for total blacks and stunning contrast.

QLED – This is Samsung’s unique technology which allows you to experience unbeatable innovation in TV and see colours like never before. Cutting-edge Quantum Dot technology with Certified Ultra HD Premium picture quality, resulting in spectacular colour that is amazingly detailed and realistic. From vivid city lights to the delicate colours of an orchard in full bloom, QLED allows you to experience your pictures and details like never before.

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