Introducing Sony’s 16K TV

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4K TVs have now become the norm (and so have cheap 4K TVs) although you’ve probably heard that 8K TVs are on their way. But what about 16K? Sony are challenging Samsung and LG’s lead in the industry by bringing out pioneering 16K technology – however, is such a TV even worth the investment? In this article, we’re answering that question and taking a look at how the 16K TV works, as well as when it will be available for customers.

What is Sony’s New 16K TV?

Back in 2014, Sony created a separate 16K display that was displayed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. However, this looked like several screens instead of a single, seamless one.

Sony have improved on this. They unveiled a massive 16K 17-feet tall and 63-feet wide TV last year, with technology they call Crystal LED display system; this TV was first considered for commercial cinemas, but the Japanese brand announced the display system will be available for homes as well.

This technology provides a million-to-one contrast ratio and has excellent light levels, low heat emission and a picture quality that is out of this world. After all, Sony’s 16K TV has 16 times more pixels than a 4K screen, which is equivalent to a 15360 x 8640 pixel density! The system uses modular technology, so all sizes and resolutions can be accommodated.

What is Crystal LED Technology?

Crystal LED is the name Sony gives to micro-LED display technology. This tech doesn’t need a backlight but is brighter than OLED screens while delivering deep blacks. The modules in the screen measure 16×18 inches and have a 360×360 resolution with three small LEDs per pixel; this ends up creating 1,000 nit of brightness, much brighter than any other types of screens.

This massive display also comes with 99% black surface area, ensuring a high degree of contrast and a high resolution. You can also expect to find blur-free pictures, high frame rates and almost 180-degree viewing angle.

According to Sony, this technology allows for such a fantastic resolution that it creates a ‘quasi-virtual’ reality experience. Our eyes perceive depth to the image they’re seeing. Of course, if you’re unable to get your hands on one of these screens, you can still enjoy superb depth with our cheap 3D TVs, which are perfect for the whole family.

Is It Available for Customers?

The high manufacturing costs of this massive TV means it’s still too expensive for widespread use. However, TVs are getting bigger and, now that 4K is widely accepted as the ‘normal TV’, we’re going to start seeing a movement toward 8K, which will be the new way to enjoy entertainment at home.

Who knows, maybe 16K will be available in homes across the country soon enough – for now, however, Sony is looking to create lower-resolution Crystal LED displays for commercial uses, including in offices, showrooms and theme parks.

If you’re unable to enjoy micro-LED screens at the moment, why not check out OLEDs, which are similar to this tech? We stock a wide range of cheap OLED TVs at Electronic World, so be sure to check them out.

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How Expensive is the 16K TV?

It’s not surprising that such a breath-taking resolution would come with equally breath-taking prices. While Sony has not outright said how much their massive setups costs, each module is said to cost around $10,000 (or, approximately, £7,600). Considering the 16K display has 576 modules, the 16K TV could actually cost as much as $5 million (or around £3.8 million).

Even a 4K screen wouldn’t come cheap. You’d need 72 of these modules to create a resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels, which would be around $720,000, or around £550,000.

These staggering prices will make it difficult for the regular homeowner to get their hands on such a display. Purchasing a few modules and creating your very own display can be a great solution, although they are still a bit pricey.

For cheaper alternatives, why not check out our cheap TV deals instead? We stock many televisions at Electronic World that will meet the needs of your household, whether you’re looking for the best cinematic experiences, need a TV for the bedroom or have limited space in your home.

In addition, we also offer only TVs from world-class brands, so you know you’re buying quality no matter which television you choose in the end.

Are 16K Resolutions Worth the Investment?

At the moment, considering the cost of even just one 16K screen module, not to mention the fact that there is not enough content out there to fully enjoy this resolution in all its glory, it’s difficult to justify such a massive investment. In fact, because of this lack of content, Sony had to create its own film for the brand Shiseido, which showcased life-sized animal wildlife.

It’s believed they achieved quad ultra-high-definition footage through demosaicing, which means using an algorithm on 8K footage that figures out what the additional pixels should look like.

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We don’t have 16K TVs here at Electronic World, but we have a vast array of high-definition screens that will let you watch your favourite movies, play the latest games and enjoy a wealth of sports in style. From our cheap smart TVs to our cheap curved TVs, and everything else in-between, we can help. Get in touch today to learn more about our televisions or call our sales hotline on 0121 769 2623 to order your brand-new TV.

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