3D vs Traditional TV: What People Want

3D TVs have been a popular trend for many years now so why wait any longer to get yours with Electronic World offering Samsung 3D TVs amongst other renowned brands such as Panasonic and Sony. Since the creation of 3D films, there was a huge craze for everyone to watch this type of CGI at the cinema, but the creation of 3D TVs brought this craze to your home. Watching a film in 3D was a treat in its early days; so, did having the accessibility to watch this from the comfort of your own home ruin the aspect and excitement of 3D?

The question of whether or not to purchase this type of technology is still in the air, but what do people want? Do you own a 3D TV and urge others to buy one also or, on the other side, are you happy to stick with your traditional TV?


What is 3D TV?

A 3D TV displays normal two-dimension images on a screen but uses special technology to give the impression that its images are three-dimensional. 3D televisions use the same principle of sending slightly different images to each eye to give viewers the illusion of depth, only the television does this in such rapid succession by creating moving three-dimensional images. 3D TVs give the impression that the images are alive and appearing directly in front of you.

What Made 3D TVs so in Demand?

3D TVs provided a technology that was so new to the electronic industry when first introduced, and like any new product, it quickly became in demand by consumers. 3D allowed viewers to watch images in a unique and exciting way. With this, films quickly became available in 3D and television channels started broadcasting their programmes in 3D to provide entertainment in this demanding market. But, like any other product, you should think is a 3D TV worth it?

The Power of Traditional TVs

The power of 2D TVs has stuck since the invention of the television and they are still a popular choice today, even with 3D TVs in the market. So, why have they stuck around? Many people aren’t fans of changes and some do not follow the evolution of technology. This isn’t to say the new technology is bad, but it just isn’t for them.

Traditional TVs do not come with all the additions 3D TVs bring, and there are several reasons people stuck with purchasing traditional TVs, such as:

  • Glasses needed to watch 3D content
  • 3D TVs need careful calibration
  • 3D TVs are perfectly good 2D TVs, so 3D features are not often used
  • 3D TVs do not offer as much content as traditional TVs.


Decline in 3D and Rise in 4K

This year the two major TV makers, LG and Sony, will no longer be supporting the 3D feature within their TVs due to a decline for this technology. Since becoming the number one wanted technology in 2010 after James Cameron’s Avatar blockbuster hit, the demand has decreased, causing a decline in this product.

Instead, manufacturers are turning their attention to 4K, HDR and OLED technologies, with consumers wanting sharper and higher definition images rather than 3D features. 4K TVs offer four times the resolution of full HD, allowing the viewer to see every little bit of detail of their chosen programme.

It all comes down to personal preference when purchasing either a traditional 2D TV or 3D TV, and this debate and difference in opinion may continue. But, when purchasing a new TV, make sure it’s what you want. View our large stock of big brands which include LED, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, 4K and curved TVs, all of which you can view on our website and even gift it to a tech lover this Christmas!

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